You sit up late with your pile of books next to the edge of your bed... dreaming up stories. Stories that are written. Stories to be written. Stories of us that are deep in our bones but have yet to surface in any physical form.

I photograph you. Yes, friend, you. As you are.
This is your season. This is your story.
Your carefully chosen wedding dress... your new babes soft curls... the loving mischief of your wedding party... the rhythm of love in your everyday.

These details... moments between the moments... caught in the light... tell the story of you.



"Anna has the ability to visualize space in such a raw and artistic manner. She truly captures photos in a way that preserves time and all of the memories a moment holds. If you’re looking to embrace a season of life, the way your baby cradles your hips, or the little moments that fill an intimate event - Anna Laero Photography will be an investment that’s truly worthwhile and will be cherished for generations."
 - Victoria F.


"Anna made me a believer in the photo process with our engagement session. She truly cares about the relationships, the places that are special to her couples, and getting the right shot. "
    - Keenan C.

Recent Work