Wood + Grace | A Lifestyle Branding Session in Pittsburgh PA

2017 has been a year of whirlwinds and change.
Its been filled with learning to let go and learning to love even more. Of understanding just what exactly my vision is for my work and for my future clients.
Love has been the biggest part of it all. Loving through hurt. Loving through life.
Victoria of Wood + Grace contacted me during the warmer months about documenting her story I instantly said yes. Since then I have not only fallen for her work (so much so that I hired her to design my new logo and is the most beautifully talented artist.) but also for her heart. She has become a kindred spirit and an unwavering voice in the midst of the noise that our industry can so often seemingly produce.
Her story was featured on Cottage Hill magazine at the beginning of this month with words intermingled with my images to bring life to her and her husbands story.
Here I am sharing with you my heart. This is truly what I hold close to my heart.
Telling a story of love through art in all its forms.

Calligraphy, Linens + Styling, Wood + Grace  
Styling by Anna Laero Photography 
Dishware from Leslie Freeman Pottery
Ceramic accents from Latara Ceramics 
Farmhouse table by Humble Hands Woodworking 
Bread, Mediterra Bakehouse