The Mizelles | A Family Session in Washington D.C.

Sometimes clients find you and you wonder where they have been your entire life and how you've got on at all before knowing them. Maggie contacted me nearly two years ago wanting me to travel up to shoot her and her family and I cried with excitement after talking about her and her babies (which I now affectionately refer to as faerie children) and passing ideas back and forth. Between births and moving and life going round about for both of us pushing things further and further back the day finally came for our forever anticipated meeting in person.
I am not exaggerating when I say that I got misty eyed with unabashed joy before I walked through the door. I sat and spoke with Maggie about motherhood and knitting and everything in between while I documented and knelt on the floor with their eldest child as I explained to him how to load film into the camera while he watched with unflinching fascination and ten thousand questions of how it worked. This family is a special sort of people and I prayed the day I walked in their door that I would be able to show their pure love and raw realness in its most absolute and perfect form.